A proposed company must have the following:

1. A Name

2. One or more shares

3. One or more shareholders

4. One or more directors (A company is not required to appoint a secretary, but may do so if they wish to.)

Any person, either alone or together with another person, may apply for the registration of a company.

To Register a Company – Download Forms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. Refer to the fee schedule for the appropropriate prescribed fees.

Application to Register a Company – Form 1

Consent of Director of Proposed Company – Form 2

Consent of Secretary of Proposed Company – Form 3

Consent of Shareholder of Proposed Company – Form 4

Application for Reservation of Company Name – Form 6

Application to Change Name of Company- Form 7

Notice of Adoption, Alteration or Revocation of Constitution- Form 9

Notice of Issue of Shares- Form 10

Notice of shareholder approval of issue of shares – Form 10a

Notice of Redemption or Acquisition of shares by company- Form 11

Notice of failure to redeem shares on fixed date – Form 12

Notice of Share Transfer- Form 13

Notice of location or change in location of share register of listed company divided into two or more registries- Form 14

Consent of Director of existing company- Form 15

Notice of change of Directors and Particulars of Directors- Form 16

Notice of Change of Registered Office- Form 17

Notice of location of records not kept at registered office- Form 18

Notice of Change of Address of Service- Form 19

Consent of Secretary (Existing company)- Form 20

Notice of Appointment of Change of Secretaries of particulars of Secretaries- Form 21

Annual Return- Form 22

Notice of Shareholding in Company- Form 23

Notice for Registration of Charge- Form 24

Application for registration of amalgamation proposal – Form 33

Notice of result of creditors’ vote- Form 35

Notice of appointment of receiver – Form 36

First report of receiver – Form 36a

Six months report of receiver – Form 36b

Notice of resignation or disqualification of receiver – Form 37 

Notice of end of receivership – Form 38

Notice of appointment of liquidator – Form 39

Notice to creditors and shareholders – Form 40

First report of liquidator – Form 40a

Six months report of liquidator – Form 40b

Notice of resignation or disqualification of liquidator – Form 41

Creditor’s statutory demand – Form 42

Form of claim by unsecured creditor – Form 43

Valuation and claim by secured creditor – Form 44

Request to remove company from the register – Form 45

Application for registration of overseas company – Form 46

Application for reservation of company name by foreign company – Form 46a

Notice of change of name of foreign company – Form 48

Notice of change in constitution of foreign company – Form 49

Notice of change of director or resident agent of foreign company – Form 50

Notice of change in address of principal place of business in Papua New Guinea by foreign company – Form 51

Annual return of foreign companies – Form 52

Notice of cessation of business or deregistration or appointment of liquidator to overseas company – form 53

Application to change balance date or extension of time to prepare financial statements – Form 55

Objection to application to restore a company – Form 57

Notice of Intention to Reinstate a De-registered Company 

Six monthly report of Liquidator  – Coliq Form

Application for Extension of Time and Change of Balance Date

Six monthly report of receiver – Rec Report Form

Application to the Registrar of Companies to Restore a Company Removed from the Register of Registered Companies – RECO2