Incorporation of Associations

An Association is formed by a group of people with a common interest (such as a sporting club, women’s group, church bodies, youth groups and non-government organisations in general).

The members of the association may decide to seek to incorporate the association. The advantages of incorporation are that the liability of the members in respect of debts of the association is limited and that the association may hold property in its own name. To incorporate the association, the members authorize a person to act on their behalf and apply for incorporation.

Refer to the fee schedule for appropriate prescribed fees.

Notice of Intention to Apply for the Incorporation of an Association- As1

Application for the Incorporation of an Association- As2

Application for Approval to a Change of Name- As4

Notice of Appointment of a Public Officer- As6

Notice of Passing of Special Resolution to which Section 9 Applies-  As7

Association Constitution

Model Constitution