What is a Deposit Account?

A Deposit Account is another method of payment that a registered user of the IPA Online Registry System (ORS) can choose to use to file online apart from using a credit or debit card. This is a prepaid account solely maintained by the IPA. Therefore any payment made online by a registered user using this account will be automatically deducted from your prepaid account balance.

Who is Eligible?

Any registered user who has authority over a business entity and who wishes to use this method of payment to pay for business services using the ORS.

If a registered user has registered as an Individual then he will be the only user linked to his Deposit Account. Alternatively, if a registered user has registered as an Organization then all users under the organization will be linked to the Deposit Account.

How do I apply for a Deposit Account?

1. Email your request to use the Deposit Account service to ipaonline@ipa.gov.pg;

2. Go online to www.ipa.gov.pg and register your online user account;

3. Deposit a minimum amount of PGK500 or more, into the IPA Kina Bank Account using the IPA ANZ customized deposit slip. You can also make internet banking payments into the IPA Kina bank Harbor City account number 1150909 and the BSB number  028096 ; or Bank of South Pacific Port Moresby Branch Account number 1001323865 and the BSB number – 088294.

4. Deliver the original pink copy of the ANZ IPA Deposit Slip attached together with a copy of your email request to the IPA Customer Services Counter or mail to the IPA on PO Box 1281, Port Moresby, National Capital District, PNG.

5. If you have done internet banking to make your deposit then email your deposit account request attaching the internet banking transaction receipt to brr@ipa.gov.pg;

6. A Deposit Account will be created for you with a starting balance given according to the amount you have deposited;

7. As long as you have authority over any business entity, you are able to pay for business services online using the Deposit Account service as a payment option when filing online on the IPA ORS.

How do I top up my Deposit Account?

To top up your Deposit Account balance, follow step 3 & 4 above. An internal user responsible for Deposit accounts will update your balance accordingly. An email notification will be sent to you informing you of your new balance.

How do I check and receive updated balance of my Deposit Account?

Only an internal user responsible for maintaining your Deposit account can be able to update and notify you of the status of your transactions and your “as at” balance.