Register an Account on the IPA Online Registry System (ORS)

If you are new here you can start by creating a user account following the steps below.

Why register a personal user account?

Having a personal user account on the IPA ORS enables you to:
• Request authority over your registered business entity on the IPA ORS;
• Do online updating and maintenance of records of your business entity on the IPA ORS;
• Register new business entities or organisations on the IPA ORS.

Registering a personal user account

To register an account click on Do It Online and from the menu select Register Account. As a requirement to use the IPA ORS you must have a valid email address.

Registering an organisation user account

If you own many business entities or you are an agent for many business entities, you can tick the “I also want to create an organisation” check box when creating a personal user account.

Why register an organisation user account?

Having an organisation user account allows you to have multiple users for one organisation account. A personal user account should be created for each user that you add under your organisation account.
To create an organisation user account Click on Do It Online, select Register Account and in Register User put a tick on the “I also want to create an organisation” check box when creating a new personal user account. Enter all required information to first create the personal user account then click on Submit which opens up the Create My Organisation wherein you:
1. Enter the name your organisation;
2. Select the business category you are in;
3. Provide your organisation addresses including contact addresses before clicking on Create Organisation.