How to register a Business Name

When registering a Business Name, the appropriate form to fill out is the Application to Register a Business or BN1. The key information that will be required from you are;

  • Name of the Business. Always include a second option in case the name has already been registered. With the availability of the online registry service, you are required to search the registry for your preferred name to confirm it’s availability before registering the name.
  • The precise location of the business. This refers to the physical area where the business will be conducted. Provide here the section, allotment and street name of the place. If you’re in the rural setting, state in the section the name of your electorate, district and province.
  •  Concise description or nature of the business. State in this section the business activity type that you will be conducting.
  • Place of residence and postal address of the owner of the Business Name or the agent authorized. This is for the purposes of accepting official correspondences from the Office of the Registrar of Companies. If the business plans to have branches in other provinces then accordingly include the address under section 2 (b).
  • Name of the owner of the Business Name.
  • Registration fee of K200 or K150 if you do it online.
  • Remember that a Business Name expires every year so it is the responsibility of the owner to lodge a renewal form every year. Fill out a Statement of Renewal of a Business Name or BN3 each year to renew the name. Failing to do that can result in the Name being removed from the register.