Authority and why it is important to you

What is Authority?

Authority refers to the authority management system designed for external users of the PNG Register who want to maintain and update company, business name, business group and association details on the online.

Who can have authority?

Authority will be granted to directors of a company, proprietors of business names, pubic officers of association, document executors (chairman) of a business group and where applicable agents such as accountants, lawyers, business consultants or (company secretaries).

How do you get authority?

To obtain authority over your entity you will need to log on under your user account, search for the entity and then submit a request for authority from within the entity’s view.

Who can give or take away authority?

There are two different types of authority – one that applies to directors of companies, owners of business names, public officers of associations and document executors of business groups and the other that applies to agents of these entities.

How do I revoke my own authority?

If you no longer require authority over your entity, then you can request for revocation.