Registration Process of an Association

To register your Association you will need a IPA Online Registry System (ORS) account. Click on “Register Account” under the “Do It Online” menu to register an account.
Each step of the registration process is outlined here:

Steps to Register an Association
1. Submit a notice of intention attached with the constitution(upload).
2. Publish your approval of your notice of intention in either the two daily papers (The National or The Post Courier). A month after the date of publication submit your application for Incorporation of an Association;
3. If there are no objections to your intention to register an Association, your application will be reviewed for approved. But if there is(are) objections the Registrar will notify the applicaant/notifier advising him/her of the Objector reasons for objecting. The Objector will also receive confirmation that the Registrar has approved the objection.

You must provide both an address for communication and postal address when registering Association.

The Notifier is the person submitting the Notice of Intention of the Association and whose details must be provided.
An authorised person or the Notifier of the Association must certify that all information provided or uploaded is true and correct.
Review your application details before proceeding to the final step.


You must pay the application fee to complete your application. Payment currently can be made using a Credit/Debit Card.