Default Companies listing

This is to advise that the IPA has now removed the list of non-compliant companies from this page.

However, please note that this does not mean that all companies have complied.

We would like to advise that our plan to switch on the Automated Compliance Program (ACP) is still in order. Therefore, the call to companies on our default list to come forward and submit their outstanding Annual Returns still stands.
Check to see if your company is compliant by simply logging on to the Online Registry System, and then search the company under the “Do it Online” tab. A list of companies with similar names will be displayed. Double click on your preferred company and it will take you to the “View Local Company” screen. Check the date of when the last annual return was filed and ensure it is in the current year.
Always ensure you keep tab on what month the next annual return will be due. It will also be indicated in the said section.
Using “Maintain Company” tab under “View Local Company” Screen, you can lodge your annual returns online.