The PNG telecommunications network comprises of an extensive, well-established and rapidly evolving network of microwave radio, satellite and intra-city optical fibre transmission systems that interconnect a nationwide network of telephone exchange and data switches.

The network is 100% automatic, with international links to over 160 countries in the world and domestic services to all urban centres and major villages.

Mobile phones network, internet service and private courier services are also available.
All telecommunication licenses (operator and radio communications) as well as ensuring that provision of ICT services conform to national and international standards are the functions of the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA).

Telikom PNG is the largest national company owned by the government of PNG responsible for providing telecommunication services to the end users all throughout the country.
It has been a monopoly in the industry since 1952 with retailers selling telecommunication products and services.
Land line phones with Broadband have been TPNG’s parent products generating much of the income since the company’s inception.

Telikom PNG has invested in converting its telephone exchanges from analogue to digital.
Other plans are to digitize the radio bearer systems primarily to allow greater traffic flow. Alternate routing facilities for the domestic satellite system and improvements in upgrading the transmission technology.

Since the introduction of mobile communication has also increased network coverage throughout the country.

BeMobile and Digicel PNG, providers of mobile communication through their respective networks is increasing the communication coverage and is proving to be very effective for the communication industry.

The two mobile phone communication providers are expanding their services into the most remote parts of the country through the Community Service Obligation program.

The increased use of mobile phones has also prompted the introduction of the Digital GSM Mobile Phone System offers pre-paid service as well as post-paid with several user plans, which will permit access to a much wider section of the market.  This includes Post-paid, SMS and International Roaming.