Papua New Guinea is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Soaring mountain peaks, unspoiled beaches, lush rainforests, unique flora and fauna and the cultural richness of the people combine to make Papua New Guinea an increasingly popular destination for tourists.

The Government has targeted tourism as a priority area for the economic development of the country and for the creation of employment opportunities at rural and urban levels.

With the Papua New Guinea Kina at a more affordable level of exchange for visitors from abroad, Papua New Guinea’s many enchanting and remarkable destinations can be within the sights and budgets of many adventurers.

There is already a well-established infrastructure catering successfully for many types of visitor packages but the potential for expansion and improvement is limitless.

The development and expansion of tourism in Papua New Guinea is assisted by the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority, a statutory organisation established by the Government and is well equipped with substantial industry knowledge to respond to tourism enquiries.

Its activities are mainly directed at promotion and marketing of Papua New Guinea as a tourist destination and as a safe location for hospitality investment.

In line with other development policies, the Government continues to ensure the cultural, social and environmental resources of the country are safeguarded so that investment in tourism may attract some degree of interest among others.