The Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNGFA) is the government body responsible for monitoring and controlling the wood and forest-based industries and the management of PNG’s forest resources.

There are three key arms of the forestry administration of PNG including the National Forest Board, respective Provincial Forest Management Committees and the National Forest Service.

The respective Provincial Forest Management Committees contribute to the decisions relating to the management of the forest resource within the provinces.

The Papua New Guinea Forest Industry Association Inc. (PNGFIA) promotes and protects the interest of the forest industry.
There are 39 million hectares of enclosed forest harbouring a wealth of timber species. Of these 39 million hectares, 15 million hectares of high quality tropical hardwoods are considered to be suitable for development. The State has acquired 12 million hectares from the 15 million hectares, of which 10 million hectares have been allocated under timber permits.
The Government is mindful of its obligations to environmental heritage when promoting the forest resource. Each major investment project is carefully evaluated in terms of its environmental impact and every effort is made to develop appropriate guidelines to meet the needs of both the local people and the investors.
The Government’s recognition of the value of rare and magnificent natural forest has resulted in major policy changes aimed at creating an environment for sustainable downstream processing activities.