Financial Services

The Papua New Guinea banking system is made up of the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG), four commercial banks and several licensed financial institutions and credit unions (or savings and loan societies).

The key financial institutions are supported by overseas-related companies and associates.

The merger of the former Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation with the Bank South Pacific Limited in 2002 makes the Bank South Pacific Limited the largest bank in PNG.

The National Development Bank is another locally owned bank which was enacted by Parliament on 25 April 2007.
These areĀ  the only locally owned banks while the other three commercial banks, namely Westpac (PNG) Limited, ANZ (PNG) Limited and Maybank (PNG) Limited, are subsidiaries of international banks.

While most financial services are available, their supply is limited. Overseas investors may not be able to secure substantial funds locally. New operations would normally need to bring funds from overseas to establish projects.